Uganda Development Bank(UDB) Awards

Uganda Development Bank(UDB) Awards Akaboxi

Participating in the 2017 i-Growth Accelerator Program empowered us to make meaning full changes in our company that helped shape our business. The accelerator experience taught us to develop a value proposition centered on customer pain-points and then relentlessly focus all business activities― marketing, sales, and delivery―on alleviating them. That is easier said than done. We slowly replaced our fear with faith. We learned the importance of adopting a mindset of abundance reflecting on the kind of work we wanted to do the next five years, and then claimed that it should be our focus in the present moment to notice a healthy cycle of accelerating growth. We felt like our business finally had momentum, which gave us the courage to make larger commitments to further
align activities with our focus. The most valuable lesson we learned from the accelerator peers is that

Courage doesn’t mean the absence of fear. Instead, courage means to feel fear completely and act anyway.

We learned that business requires a lot of courage, to work longer and harder, keeping ourselves
in the center of each decision. Through the accelerator program, we learned to codify core
values that reflected our company’s unique values and priorities when confronted with
challenging situations and decisions. With our unique core values, and the resulting
behaviors and decisions, this will set us apart from competitors and increase our overall
capacity for work.
It was a great experience recognizing that we needed advice from people outside our team. We
were surrounded by smart experienced people who were eager to help us and learn from
us as well.
One of the speakers highlighted the importance of the startups, that once supported would
transform the economy. They are owned and founded by youth, learned people who do
research about their businesses.

We learned that the best startups indeed are the ones solving real problems and that, staying
focused is imperative to moving fast and achieving success.
It was great having to sell our own brand to great scholars and businessmen and
above all to learn from fellow peers and startups. Read the full story here

  • Date: January 24, 2017
  • Client: Uganda Development Bank
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  • Value: Awards