Enable Youth Uganda Experience

It was a wonderful experience at Enable Youth Uganda Boot camp in Kasese, the best training in my life that was hands-on and very practical for a typical startup in Uganda.

Networking with youth who are engaged in many businesses with different ideas did not only encourage me but I was also challenged me to work harder and be consistent to achieve my goal.

Akaboxi being unique and of great demand given the fact that youth and women are financially excluded in communities.

I also learned among others Gender equality promotion towards life cycle of people and agri-enterprises, management of self and teamwork, leadership family and business management putting into consideration business environment, institutions and services, business support and importance of networking, agri-production services, and technology creativity.

I enjoyed the trainers who not only taught me strengthening business management but also learned from hands-on experience by many demonstrations like the Siphon saver, Tycoon spender and the skit which demonstrated the real behavior of a typical Ugandan woman surrounded by many demands of society, family hence affecting business growth. The solutions came out clearly and wonderfully.

Those are few; I could write a full paper on how resourceful Enable Youth Camp has pushed me a million milestones towards the success of AKABOXI.

  • Date: October 2, 2018
  • Client: Enable Youth Uganda
  • Category: ,
  • Value: Financial Inclusion