Akaboxi secures a Loan

In 2018 Akaboxi won the Sustainability Technology for Africa Award in Uganda organized by Ondernemers Voor Ondernemers(OVO).
Akaboxi was promised support through loan financing of it’s activities to digitize savings groups of smallholder farmers, filling the financial gap. This year 2020 Akaboxi will be also supporting it’s Village saving groups of smallholder farmers by buying and selling their agricultural produce hence creating market.

Inorder to make this financing possible OVO partnered with King Baudouin Foundation, Close the Gap and Orange Hills.

Akaboxi foresees using this loan to grow it’s revenues. On top of the loan Akaboxi has received business development mentorship from OVO, proper financial management that needs inorder to successfully manage the loan and the business it’s self.
They are looking into raising more money to expand their business throughout Uganda and Sub-Saharan Africa.